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Festivals We're Attending

Festivals We're Attending

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Latitude Festival will return to Henham Park, Suffolk on  Thursday 12 July until Sunday 15 July as will we!


Camp Bestival

Set on Dorset’s dramatic jurassic coastline (our favourite type of coastline). see us there on Thursday 26th July until Sunday 29th July


Carfest North

See you in Cheshire tail junkies!

Friday 27th July- Sunday 29th July



Thursday 2nd of August- Sunday 5th August

Hello Oxfordshire, back again.


Green Man

Thursday 16th August- Sunday 19th...

Helena's Tell Tails

Helena's Tell Tails

We can't believe it's finally happened... drum roll ...
Helena Bonham Carter has teamed up with us here at TellTails! Creating the first of it's kind to adorn your behind.

Tomorrow, BAFTA winning actress and Hollywood rebel will unveiled another impressive talent - designing a wearable animal tail as the ultimate fashion accessory this year.

Helena says: “I believe in the power of clothes...

The Style Edit : TellTails Puuuurfect Ensembles

The Style Edit : TellTails Puuuurfect Ensembles

Hey there again tail lovers! Who’s ready to take their tail to the next level? We’ve got our top picks all in one place to make these appendages even more extra 👏🏼

So, gentlemen, this little number couldn’t get much more extra if it tried. Head to tail from Asos! 🐅🐆
Recommended TellTail: Leaping Leopard or Tricky Tiger. 

For the sophisticated ladies who tail, we’ve got this amazing shirt embroidered...

Our Festival non-essential essentials

Our Festival non-essential essentials

festival kit

So festival season is creeping up on us ever so quickly. Apart from the practical stuff here’s our not so practical essentials.


Toby Wagon

Toby Wagons are Europe's best selling pull along along red toy wagons and perfect for parents pulling children or kids carrying each other. These wooden carts are designed in such a way that they last a lifetime and they reckon even the kids’ children can have a fun time with them!


Big Big Body Wipes

These ingenious wipes are amazing for...

Our Dinosaur Party Guide

Our Dinosaur Party Guide

Ain't no party like a dinosaur party and don't you all know it. With Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom released today we thought we would decompose the minerals needed for the ultimate dinosaur bash.

Dinosaur Trails and Leaves 

Get adventurous… unleash your full dino. What did they see....

Down on the jungle floor where the leaves lay and footprints stay it's so easy to recreate  Just purchase some green card in multiple shades and get cutting.


Amber Treats

Wibble wobble jelly trouble. Fill your basket with some orange...