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Ideas for Halloween this year

Ideas for Halloween this year

It looks like trick or treating is off the cards this year so we want to hear what you have planned. 

Here's are socially distanced options we have in mind.

1. Dress up, gobble a lot of sweets and strut your stuff down your local street, vogueing till your hearts content. Make sure to swoosh your tail as you walk, which doubles up as a great social distancing tool.


3. Halloween fancy dress dinner : black spaghetti, snails, lychee work well as eyeballs and tomato juice as blood. Play games like 'apple bobbing' and...

Selfridges take on our feral animal tails!

Selfridges take on our feral animal tails!

We are proud to have released our feral wearable tails to the shelves of Selfridges toy shop. 

It’s time to get freaky and turn heads this Halloween. With a tantalising range of species from black cat to fox to dinosaur, they are ready to find their owners and awake their inner creature. TellTails are well known for their realistic movement, we call it the ‘waggle factor’, which also makes a great social distancing tool whist prowling the streets. Go on. Own it. Get prowling. Get spooky. 

With a big push towards sustainable toys, Selfridges love that TellTails are made to...

Stay calm and keep wagging

Stay calm and keep wagging

With the festivals and toy shops closed we have been focusing on getting our wagglers on your derrieres via our online shop. Coming up with an advert within the lockdown parameters but here it is. We hope it puts a smile on you face and a tail on your arse! 

If you have any marketing ideas for us please do get in touch.

Keep wagging x

The tails featured in the video are Glow Dino, Croc and Crazy Cat

Black Fri-TAIL

Black Fri-TAIL

For Black Friday we're offering you 25% of all our black tails. Whether  it be the Dinosaur Tail or our Black Cat Tail as worn worn Helena Bonham Carter. Get yours now! 

The discount will be automatically deducted at checkout.

Happy waggling,

The Tailors x

Halloween - Cat Transformation Spell

Halloween - Cat Transformation Spell

Doesn’t halloween make you just wanna roar, howl, growl, meow? 

Well, now you can release your inner feral beasts with these tried and tested spells. We would love to hear and see your results. 

Cat transformation spell


Method :

Prepare by changing into something comfortable. You might be surprised about how you will move your body after conjuring this spell.

Add each ingredient to the cauldron. 

Start the music. 

Now start walking slowly around it and start chanting the following “being human isn’t all that, so change me into a cat,...