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Ideas for Halloween this year

It looks like trick or treating is off the cards this year so we want to hear what you have planned. 

Here's are socially distanced options we have in mind.

1. Dress up, gobble a lot of sweets and strut your stuff down your local street, vogueing till your hearts content. Make sure to swoosh your tail as you walk, which doubles up as a great social distancing tool.


3. Halloween fancy dress dinner : black spaghetti, snails, lychee work well as eyeballs and tomato juice as blood. Play games like 'apple bobbing' and 'whats in the box' but with horrible textured items. 

2. Get together with a couple of friends or family. Get dressed up in your favour outfits. Chose an outdoor space and a couple of spells which you can find online and various books. Bring a cauldron (pan or fire pit would do), throw in the pieces for the selected spells and chant dance, howl!

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