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Our Festival non-essential essentials

festival kit

So festival season is creeping up on us ever so quickly. Apart from the practical stuff here’s our not so practical essentials.


Toby Wagon

Toby Wagons are Europe's best selling pull along along red toy wagons and perfect for parents pulling children or kids carrying each other. These wooden carts are designed in such a way that they last a lifetime and they reckon even the kids’ children can have a fun time with them!


Big Big Body Wipes

These ingenious wipes are amazing for festivals. Seeing as they are like giant disposable beach towels you can literally go wild with fun.


A Funky Bum Bag

Just like WiFi you don’t want to be tied down and carrying anything that’s going to get in the way of you dancing. REMEMBER, always keep hands free for beer and selfies.


A Chill Out Wedge

All festival goers know that after a day of swooshing around your ready to drop and what better to drop on than a chill out wedge. Light and compact yet provides ultimate comfort for as long as you need.



is it even a festival if your not covered in glitter and everything that sparkles? And we know it’s widely available! What makes it stay you ask? Hair gel. Sticky and dries like rock to keep you shining all weekend long.


An Animal Poncho

You know we say yes to all things wild and these get our tails wagging. How often can you stay dry and cool at the same time? Well now you can with multiple designs you could were a different one all weekend.

A Lay Bag

Now this is something that will blow caution to the wind. These festival loungers are simple, light and easy to erect all you have to do is run with the wind and you’ll be laying like lions in no time.

Mini Rig 2

The uk made speaker with up to 80hours of party life. It's so small but speaks so loud and will definitely be a hit with your friends


Now for our number 1 festival essential believe it or not.....

A Tell Tail

how could you not take a tail to a festival? As I’m sure you know we have a vast range of tails for you to prowl, raw and purr around in! Not forgetting our multiple purchase discounts you can get your whole group onboard!


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