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Helena's Tell Tails

We can't believe it's finally happened... drum roll ...
Helena Bonham Carter has teamed up with us here at TellTails! Creating the first of it's kind to adorn your behind.

Tomorrow, BAFTA winning actress and Hollywood rebel will unveiled another impressive talent - designing a wearable animal tail as the ultimate fashion accessory this year.

Helena says: “I believe in the power of clothes or tails to bring out a different self. We adults often forget to play in life. I’ve always liked tails. If you wear a tail people smile, laugh, they find it fun. It’s creating the unexpected which I feel is one of life’s imperatives.”


The tail launch - in aid of her chosen charity ‘BOTH’ - comes with this summer’s release of the all-female heist movie Oceans 8, in which she plays an eccentric fashionista. What better time to release your own tail, right?!

Acclaimed as one of Britain’s most iconic actresses for roles such as The King’s Speech, Harry Potter and Fight Club – Helena adds:

“We all carry the potential of having many selves. I believe in the power of dressing up to bring out a different self that wouldn’t ordinarily be on show. To jog us out of our own monotony of existence.”

This new and exclusive tail comes in both sizes, packaged in a specially designed box and we've added a little something extra for that puurfect finish! 
Im sure we're all wondering how the collaboration came about? We sent Helena a Black Cat’s Tail for a Save The Children charity red carpet event back in 2015 and Helena bonded immediately with her new appendage, causing all heads to turn. When the two minds collided and a year in the making, their love child 'Helena's TellTails' was born. 
So don't be shy catch them while you can! These Limited edition tails are available exclusively online TOMORROW! 

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