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The Style Edit : TellTails Puuuurfect Ensembles

Hey there again tail lovers! Who’s ready to take their tail to the next level? We’ve got our top picks all in one place to make these appendages even more extra 👏🏼

So, gentlemen, this little number couldn’t get much more extra if it tried. Head to tail from Asos! 🐅🐆
Recommended TellTail: Leaping Leopard or Tricky Tiger. 

For the sophisticated ladies who tail, we’ve got this amazing shirt embroidered with Dinos🦖, oh and it’s on sale! Don’t be left with your tail between your legs, pounce fast to avoid disappointment 🤩
Recommended TellTail: Ballerina-Saurus and Black Dinosaur.   

Sliding into our next pick quite literally are these sliders that RAW🐆. Purrrfrect for them beach days when you need to be light on your feet to pounce. Available in sizes 3-8
Recommend TellTail: Tricky Tiger and Leaping Leopard. 

Now a T is pretty unisex so this one pleases the masses 🦖🦖🦖. Once again from ASOS available in sizes XS-XL
Recommended TellTail: Any Dino or in fact anyone you like they would all look fierce.  

Beauty headbands get a yes from us💆🏻‍♀️. It’s always a nightmare with your hair in your face when trying to look down and adjust your tail. This will whip and flip it back making your tail adjustments a breeze.
Recommended TellTail: Every Tail you’ve got in the archive

Statement alert! 🚨Have you seen this shirt though? We love it, it’s loud and bold just like you tail wearers 🤩
Recommended TellTail: Ballerina-Saurus, Fantastic Fox and Wonderful Wolf.


Thats all for this week. Keep an eye out for next week's post we've got something really exciting to come...

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