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Our Dinosaur Party Guide

Ain't no party like a dinosaur party and don't you all know it. With Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom released today we thought we would decompose the minerals needed for the ultimate dinosaur bash.

Dinosaur Trails and Leaves 

Get adventurous… unleash your full dino. What did they see....

Down on the jungle floor where the leaves lay and footprints stay it's so easy to recreate  Just purchase some green card in multiple shades and get cutting.


Amber Treats

Wibble wobble jelly trouble. Fill your basket with some orange flavoured jelly and stuff it with dinosaur treats when setting to create dino DNA pieces. 


Dinosaur Egg Piñata

We love a Paper Mâché! Hit up google for a breakdown of how to mâché if you don't already know how. To create that egg shape use a balloon as your mould,  let it dry, fill with treats and then close the crack in your egg. Finish with a great paint job and hang in the foliage and then let the kids loose on it.


Fossil Cookies

FOR THE LOVE OF BISCUITS these are a great way to add to the theme! Just use a simple biscuit recipe online and create weird and wonderful shapes resembling fossils. You can use toy dinos for realistic imprints.

Fact: we can't eat a whole pack if they didn't come in packaging 🤷🏻‍♀️


Volcano cake

Volcano cakes are very much a thing and it makes the kids ooze with excitement. Add a firework or an explosion?! Mums, are you panicking about your baking skills? Forget it the cakes are a chocolate mess and it's deliberate so we most definitely got this - there's a huge range of recipes and varieties online so get googling. Our fave is on


Dinosaur Tails (of course)

Can you even have a Dino party without being at one with dinosaurs? We didn't think so. So what better way to channel your inner reptile than buckling into a TellTail 🦖 for some serious dino destruction.


Dinosaur egg balloons

This is a really simple craft idea. All you need is some white balloons, string, pins and mini dinosaur figures. Start by putting the figures inside of the white balloons. Blow the balloon up and tie as normal. Attach the string to the balloon base and hang from the ceiling, this will resemble an egg shape. For extra effect, draw cracks on the balloon using black permanent marker! Now for the fun bit... let the kids get popping to hatch the mini Dino's! 


Reference our TellTails Pinterest for our ‘dinosaur parties’ mood board for more inspiration.

If you don't have the time for a homemade party, feel free to follow these links for other great dinosaur party ideas:


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