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Our Dinosaur Party Guide

Our Dinosaur Party Guide

Ain't no party like a dinosaur party and don't you all know it. With Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom released today we thought we would decompose the minerals needed for the ultimate dinosaur bash.

Dinosaur Trails and Leaves 

Get adventurous… unleash your full dino. What did they see....

Down on the jungle floor where the leaves lay and footprints stay it's so easy to recreate  Just purchase some green card in multiple shades and get cutting.


Amber Treats

Wibble wobble jelly trouble. Fill your basket with some orange...

Adults, it’s time to reclaim your liberty to play!

Adults, it’s time to reclaim your liberty to play!

We’ve all felt it. That day when the sun is shining, you crave fun and excitement but work deadlines are looming and the expectation to be responsible and ‘adult’ takes over. Thoughts run through your head like “I really don’t want to adult today”, “Can I just have some fun?”, and suddenly your drawn to the kids toys and you are envying your three-year-old as you drop them off for a day at nursery.

You’re not alone in this. Even celebrities like David Beckham and Brad Pitt both love cracking out the Lego bricks. So it’s time to take back...