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A child aged 3 twirling wearing a fluffy lemur tail made from faux fur. Perfect accessory for animal themed parties, Character King Julien for World Book Week or racoon Cosplay. Fancy dress accessory for skiing and snowboarding on the slopes. Novelty party accessories, twerk, Glastonbury. Christmas present. TellTails gift, stocking filler. Matching animal ears. Beetlejuice, Dr Seuss for Halloween. As seen on dragons den by Deborah Meaden.
Loopy Lemur

Loopy Lemur

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The lemur puts the mad into Madagascar. They say a loopy tail suits a loopy brain and this playroom prankster always waits for her moment.

Materials : Luxury Faux fur. This tail has malleable wire inside so that it can be shaped to suit your mood

Size : One size fits all. 3+ up to size L adults

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