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Magnetic black & white ears
Magnetic black & white ears

Magnetic black & white ears

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We decided to bring the virtual animal ear selfie trend to life! #nofilter

As Snapchat says, ‘life is more fun when you live in the moment!’  

Our NEW unique magnetic animal ears can be worn on hair or even hat. One magnet is embedded in the fluffy ear, the other you choose to put in your hair or the inside of a hat. Then wham bam you have yourself some big fluffy pert ears. Simple.

And don’t worry, they're not just for kids! Mums, dads or teachers keen to unleash their wild side can join in the fun, as seen on Kate Winslet and Helena Bonham Carter.

These black & white ears can be worn as badger, cat, lemur, panda, dog.

Watch how to wear them here.

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