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National creativity day- Our bizarre beginning

It's national creativity day and what better opportunity to tell you a tale about tails?

Hannah had no idea that TellTails would blossom into a business when she roamed around secret garden party back in 2011 wearing a lions tail she had made. To her surprise, it turned out other festival goers also wanted to sport a tail. She then decided to fully commit to reuniting humans with their long lost tails.

Started from no funds and the power of Facebook, she travelled around London collecting old clothes and fabrics from friends of friends, to make bizarre appendages, sold at parties, which people wore with pride and delight, which we now call 'the tail effect'. The reactions and undeniable connection which people seemed to have with their tails gave Hannah food for thought and the evolution into a business took her by complete surprise.

Tail Making

Now investing in fabrics, She got to work making a whole menagerie of species tails from her bedroom. The first season of festivals was a big success but selling to mostly an adult crowd she decided to sell to kids for the first time. Day one of Camp Bestival greeted Hannah with open arms and tail hungry children, resulting in a sell out within hours! The team grouped together, drove back to London and pulled an all nighter sewing hundreds more tails to return the next morning with a queue of kids at the stall. This was the moment Hannah realised that a TellTails had some serious potential.

Our slogan 'Get your waggle on' is something we live by here at TellTails; it's an expression of silliness and untold amounts of fun. This was just a little insight of our creativity and how ideas and inspiration could grow to turn into something quite wild. Unleash your imagination and and grow your creativity, and remember a wise man once said ‘creativity is intelligence having fun’- Albert Einstein.

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