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Getting freaky for Halloween

We have a brand new ultimate TellTail of the 'swoosher' variety for you this Halloween.

With all the ghouls, witches and bloodsucking creeps coming out to play, it's time to get bold and creative.

Be bold and daring this Halloween, where no one has gone before with TellTails’ brand new costume accessory. Instantly transform any outfit into a jaw-dropping spooktacular look.

Just released from quarantine, these new 'Glow In The Dark Tail Bones' will be spinning heads, even in the dark!

TellTails are well known for their realistic movement, we call it the ‘waggle factor’. We hear the swoosh on this new glow tail is off the scale! 

Let's set them loose.

This Halloween we also have our Werewolf Tails, Black Cat tails and Dinosaur Tails.

Our appendages attach with a black adjustable waistband, we have two sizes, one fits kids of all ages and the adult size fits adults of all ages. Simply buckle in and get your waggle on.

Go on. Own it. Get prowling. Get freaky. 

The Tailers x

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