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Costume ideas For Bestival

If you're in the market for a festival to wear your animal tail costumes, you'd be hard pressed to find a better time for fancy dress lovers than Bestival. After all, at Bestival, fancy dress isn't just a sideshow of proceedings, it's a way of life for the thousands of people who attend each year.

The festival even set the world record for the most festival-goers in fancy dress, with some 55,000 costume-wearing attendees.

This year taking place on the 7th to the 10th of September, it's time to start getting your costume plans together, and if you're stuck for some ideas, the team over at NME have shortlisted some of the most popular Bestival ideas to get your creative juices flowing. A new costume for every day and night would be a great show after all.

Animal costumes are among the most popular for festival-goers, especially half human, half beast creations, which allow revellers to demonstrate their festival style alongside fancy dress. Our tails are a great choice for this to create a bohemian look.

However, we love some of the NME team's suggestions too. You may have seen this one before, but how about you and the squad dress up as a pack of crayons in different colours? Search online for this DIY costume – it's super easy to make!

But for something a little more original, how's this for a throwback. Do you remember the Rainbow Fish? Said, much-loved children's book is great for a festival as it has lots of colour involved – however you've not got long to start and finish your costume, so better get sewing!

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