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Audio Tickets – The Answer To Long Festival Queues?

There’s nothing worse than standing around outside your festival venue, dolled up to the nines in your cat tail costumes waiting for hours to be let in. But happy festival-goers could soon bypass this particular horror and start getting on with all the fun thanks to Ticketmaster and a new tie-in with data-over-audio company Lisnr.

According to VentureBeat, this new collaboration will allow people to be admitted to live events using a digital audio broadcast from their smartphones. The tech is going to be used for attendee verification for countless numbers of tickets, although it’ll take around four years for the rollout to be completed on a global scale.

It’ll work like this – as you make your way to the venue in question, you simply take your phone out and it’ll broadcast ticketing data for you, which will then be picked up by a scanner and your identity confirmed.

“We used identity as our North Star — our guiding light to develop a product that makes each individual fan experience the greatest it could be. This means using identity to drive customized experiences based on who you are and where you are, eliminating fraud, resulting in a safer environment, and delivering more personalisation based on the specific event you’re attending,” executive vice-president of product at Ticketmaster Justin Burleigh was quoted by the news source as saying.

It looks like we have a bit of a wait on our hands before this becomes a reality for festivals, so to keep yourselves amused as you queue up for your gigs this year why don’t you get everyone involved in a sing-along? It’ll make the time pass a lot quicker – and keep the kids amused if you’re going together as a family.

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