TellTails & World Book Week 2019 📚

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Fuel your child’s imagination with wearable animal tails for humans, from TellTails.

We have some World Book Day costume hacks… Inspiring fancy dress they’ll love everyday of the year!

At TellTails we aim to fuel young minds & excite imaginations. We have a spectrum of animals for kids & grown ups, to transform themselves into animals for any occasion From foxes to crocodiles, unicorns to dinosaurs.. there is a tails for everyone!

Book week is an especially significant time of year for imaginations everywhere…Imaginative play is a crucial part of intellectual and social development. With TellTails children learn through role-play by bringing characters to life, and feed their imaginations with storytelling.

To make this years Book Week extra special, we are offering a 15% discount in the run up to World Book week 2019.

Just use the code 'bookweek19' at the checkout!

For your enjoyment, we’ve hand selected our personal favourite characters from the literary world. Characters that inspired our imagination when we were children and we've  put together a few costume ideas that don’t cost the earth, won’t get too messy & most importantly, can be easily attached whenever the moment takes...



1. Dr. Seuss - Cat in the Hat:

TellTails - Black cat - (£17 - 15%)  £14.45
Amazon - Hat, Bow tie & glove set - £5.99
Total - £20



2. Where The Wild Things Are - Max:

TellTails - Wolf / Fox - (£19 - 15%)  £16.15
Amazon - Unisex King Queen Gold Crown Metallic Shiney - £2.65
Amazon - 10 Brown Wooden Buttons - £3.20
Total - £22

(If you don’t have a white jumper/trousers - you could grab a cute onesie for £10?)



3. Roald Dahl - Fantastic Mr. Fox:

TellTails - Kids Fox - (£19 - 15%)  £16.15
Amazon - Mr. Fox Jacket & Mask - £8.18
Total - £23



4. Alice In Wonderland - Cheshire Cat:

TellTails - Crazy Cat - (£20 - 15%) £17
Amazon - Striped Thigh High Stockings - £5
Etsy - Pink Cat Ears - £8
Total - £30

(If you don’t have a pink/purple jumper/trousers - you could grab a onesie for £12.65?)



& on the off chance you’re entering a parent child costume completion or your two little ones want to match… 
4. Paper Bag Princess:


TellTails - Croc / Dragon Tail - (£22 - 15%) £18.70
Paper bag for dress - Free?? - no harm in getting creative here...
Amazon - Unisex King Queen Gold Crown Metallic Shiney - £2.65
Total - £21



& a few more easy wins, for luck..
Winnie the Pooh & Tiger too - TellTails Tiger Tails -  (£17 - 15%)  £14.45
OI! Cat - TellTails Black cat -  (£17 - 15%) £14.45
Never Ask a Dinosaur to Dinner - TellTails Dino tail - (£22 - 15%) £18.70


When your tail has chosen you & you're all set for book day, we'd LOVE to see those tails in action... please send us pictures and videos of them action:
Facebook - @Telltails
Instagram - @telltails_hq
Email -


Remember, to use your 15% Book Week discount it's 'bookweek19' 


The Tailors xx 


ps. the prices are as close as we could get them at the time of writing, forgive us if anything chances between now & then x

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