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Stay Snuggled up with the Fantastic Fox!

It was a dark and stormy night... The snow was falling outside in flurries, bowing tree branches and whooshing through streets where only the bravest souls put on their wellies and ventured out in their best warm coats...

Inside, however, the fires roared and smiles were plentiful. One creature in particular was enjoying the party – The Fantastic Fox! Well suited to wild winter weather, the Fox was running and jumping, hiding and swooshing betwixt friends. While the weather outside remained frightful, the Fox was the life of the party!

Our popular tail transforms the wearer into the very model of hedgerow chic – bushy and elegant, this Fantastic Fox is fun and cunning with an air of distinction unmatched by his peers, be they rabbit, duck or mouse; The perfect addition to liven up any day which needs a little more Swoosh in it!

Fantastic Fox

This suave little number is old before his years. A fluffy toy tail with an air of sophistication. The fox has his ear to the ground and his nose on the pulse. Never lend him your homework.

Length : 40cms

Materials : Long Faux fur. This tail is stuffed.

Size : Suitable for ages 3-10. After that our adult size would be better.

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