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New Year, New You?

In 2017 our Team of Terrific Tails want to Wag as Wantonly as we Wish!

You're invited to gather up your January blues and show the world what you're made of – with a little extra added! If you don't know what to do with the money Aunt Blueberry sent you for Christmas, turn it into something truly unique and fun at

To help, we've suggested three fantastic tails sure to make festivals and special events more fun in 2017. Feel free to browse the rest of our wares – Our in-house team of 'specialist Tailers' work as hard as they can to hand-make the animal tails to the highest specification using top quality materials. All the tails are made in Hackney, London

The Crazy Cat
This unconfirmed feline creature, has been reportedly sighted mostly at festival or near grassland. The power of this tail and it's hypnotic colours are highly under researched but seems to increase at dusk. Be careful, this fancy dress tail comes with an infectious smile.

Fantastic Fox
This suave little number is old before his years. A fluffy toy tail with an air of sophistication. The fox has his ear to the ground and his nose on the pulse. Never lend him your homework.
Length : 4 0cm
Materials : Long Faux fur. This tail is stuffed.
Size : Suitable for ages 3-10. After that our adult size would be better.

Dancing Dinosaur
A powerful swoosh of this toy tail guarantees some dino destruction. Say goodbye to those floorboards, one stomp from this dastardly dine will raze any den to rubble.
Did you know : 'swooshers' make great fly swatters
Length : 70 cms
Materials : Printed Scuba. This tail is stuffed to give it a realistic movement .

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