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Quick and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Whether you’re a throw it together at the last moment kinda creature or you’re the kind to pull out all the stops and rustle up a one of its kind quirky ensemble, fear not. We have a bunch of ideas for you and your family to prowl the streets in this Halloween. 


  • Dead animals - add a sprinkle of freak to a sassy animal outfit and then add a splash blood and pinch gore.
    Roadkill or axe in the head will suffice.

    Ingredients; a tail, a mask, hat or ears, black paint, deathly head wear accessory.
    Wolf Tail
    Animal Head
    Axe in leg


    • Skeleton animals - simply rise animals up from the grave.

      Ingredients; skeleton onesie, a glow in the dark dinosaur tail or alternatively a black cat tail, some el wire for fantastical illumination.
      Glow Dino - Tails bone 



    • Keep it sexy pussycats;
      Grab your spandex onesies and add a tail and ears ...
      Black cat, leopard, tiger 
      Big Cat Tails


    • For guys; Johnny Depp from Fear an loathing - Hawaiian print shirt, fly swat and yellow sunnies, add a dinosaur tail and you’re away.



    • The classic wolf is also a winner; a big wolf mask and tail paired with a rugged suit and boots is pretty damn tasty.

    Halloween Wolf Tail


    • Halloween not your thing? Dress up like an all singing and dancing rainbow magic Unicorn. Or make it dark and try a unicorn roadkill? 


    • Let’s not forget about the much loved velociraptor ‘Blue’ from Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom


    Happy Halloween 👻  

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