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Top Fancy Dress Trend: Mermaids

When it comes to fancy dress parties, everyone always wants to make an effort and potentially win the prize for best costume, don’t they? These days, there’s one costume idea that’s really taken off for adults and kids alike – and that’s dressing up as a mermaid.

There are all sorts of online tutorials doing the rounds at the moment showing you how to knit your own mermaid tail, while there are countless YouTube videos out there that will give you incredibly detailed instructions as to how to achieve the fish out of water look using makeup instead.

Of course, there are slightly practical concerns to think about when dressing up as a mermaid – don’t forget that you’ll have to walk around, for example. Fins might not be the best option unless you intend to sit on the sofa all night! If you don’t like the sound of that, why don’t you check out our animal tails to see if there’s something else that captures your imagination? We’ve got plenty on offer!

But if your heart is set on dolling yourself up as a siren of the sea, check out Coleen Rooney’s latest mermaid effort. According to the Daily Mail, the WAG transformed herself into a mermaid princess for one of her friend’s 30th birthdays, dolling up in a stunning gold gown (complete with fins on the floor), a beaded headband, dark green makeup and beautiful long flowing hair. She certainly looks the part!

With such statement makeup as this, make sure that you spend an hour or two before your party practicing getting it right so you don’t have to stress on the day itself.

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