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A Christmas Tail

Our Tails are suitable for any season, and our Winter Tails are sure to be the talk of the Christmas Party!

Secret Squirrel

This bushy plume can sniff out a hidden biscuit from 100 paces. The undeniable master of mischief, the secret squirrel knows of all hidden treats and knows where to keep them safe…in this fluffy costume tail! Keep one eye on that cookie jar.

Materials : Long Faux fur. This tail is stuffed.

Size : Suitable for ages 3-8. After that our adult size would be better.


The Shinosaur

This shimmery costume tail likes to be noticed. Be it in the school talent show or a parents only private audience this eccentric little number is born to dazzle. Move over world, the ShinOsaur has arrived.

Did you know : 'swooshers' make great fly swatters

Length : 70 cms. Allow for variation as our tails are made by humans

Materials : Crushed velvet . This tail is stuffed to give it a realistic movement .

Size : Suitable for ages 3-8. After that our adult size would be better.


Hannah Gourlay's in house team of "Tailers" hand-make the animal tails to the highest specification using top quality materials and all the tails are made in Hackney, London.

TellTails retail at £20 - £40, dependent on the species, and are currently available through the TellTails online shop.

The tails can be worn with any outfit and they have become very popular with fashion conscious partygoers who don't want to commit to a full outfit. They make an ideal and unique addition to festive costumes as well as more formal party attire and are sure to be the centre of attention at any seasonal event. They attach with a discreet elastic waistband that is one size fits all.


TellTails are handmade in Hackney,UK by award-winning artist and fashion designer Hannah Gourlay.

A fashion graduate from Kingston university,  Gourlay runs the company from her canal boat in East London where she lives with her young son Oscar. Since Gourlay began selling her tails just for fun, their popularity has grown quickly and she now runs the business full-time.

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