The indomitable Telltails classic, the swing of the Dinosaur Tail's reptilian commands serious respect and soon tethers itself to any personality. Shake this fancy dress tail and get snappy.

An immediate presence in any situation, one swing of the hips can knock down trees or give a cheeky pinch to a prospective mate. Why not take on the persona of Godzilla and get a little cosplay tail in your life.

Looks best when: in combat, waiting at the bus stop, on the dance floor.

Did you know: The Brontosaurus, one of the more famous Dino’s, never actually existed. It sprang into life when a bumbling archeologist accidentally mixed up the bones of two different species.

Length : Adult tail.100 cms

Materials : Printed Scuba. This costume tail is stuffed to give it a realistic movement .

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